Privacy policy

1. About PMC Hydraulics Group

The PMC Hydraulics Group are a leading Nordic supplier of turnkey solutions in the field of PMC – Power, Motion, Control. We have worldwide sales. We develop, manufacture and market everything from hydraulic components and hydraulic cylinders to turnkey hydraulic systems – for OEM customers as well as for industries and end users.

To learn more and for full details of the legal entities in the PMC Hydraulics Group please see our website

2. About the PMC Hydraulics Group Privacy Policy

Protecting your personal data and your privacy is important to us. This privacy policy (the "PMC Hydraulics Group Privacy Policy"), describes how the PMC Hydraulics Group collects, uses, shares and otherwise processes personal data in connection with your relationship with us as a PMC Hydraulics Group customer, partner or being generally interested in our products and services. We may provide supplemental privacy notices on specific occasions when we are collecting or processing personal data. Those supplemental notices should be read together with this PMC Hydraulics Group Privacy Policy.

3. PMC Hydraulics Group's processing of personal data and purposes

The PMC Hydraulics Group processes personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("GDPR") and other applicable data privacy legislation. Personal data is information which may be used to identify a natural person such as a name, job title, telephone number and other contact details. Personal data does not include data from which you can no longer be identified, such as anonymised data.

In connection with your contacts with the PMC Hydraulics Group you may choose to provide, or we may ask that you provide, personal data about yourself. The information provided or obtained in connection herewith may include, name, title, address, e-mail address, telephone number, occupational information and other information you choose to disclose. The PMC Hydraulics Group is made up of different legal entities registered in different jurisdictions and the PMC Hydraulics Group Privacy Policy is published on behalf all companies within the group. PMC Hydraulics Group AB is the personal data controller with respect to the personal that is collected and obtained from you.

The PMC Hydraulics Group processes personal data for the following purposes.

1) to provide, deliver, administer and maintain products and services provided by the PMC Hydraulics Group under customer agreements;

2) to provide information with respect to the business of the PMC Hydraulics Group, products and services that customers and others requests from us, to participate in tenders;

3) for internal administrative purposes, internal statistics as well as to develop and improve PMC Hydraulics Group's operations;

4) to send out information about PMC Hydraulics Group's business, activities and events to those who have subscribed on the website to receive the PMC Hydraulics Group's newsletter.

5) in order for the PMC Hydraulics Group to comply with applicable laws, regulations and decisions from authorities.

PMC Hydraulics Groups processes personal data only if there is a legal basis for doing so. The PMC Hydraulics Group processes personal data based on a legitimate interest when the PMC Hydraulics Group processes personal data for the purposes set out above in 1) - 3), as it is a legitimate interest to have contacts with representatives of customers and partners and potential customers and partners. It also a legitimate interest of the PMC Hydraulics Group to process personal data for internal administrative purposes, internal statistics and to develop and improve the PMC Hydraulics Group's operations.

Personal data may also be processed on the basis that the data subject has given its consent to such processing, such as when a data subject has subscribed to the PMC Hydraulics Group's newsletter, or on the basis that the data subject and an entity within the PMC Hydraulics Group have entered into an agreement. When the PMC Hydraulics Groups has a legal obligation to perform certain processing of personal data, for example with respect to applicable accounting legislation, then the legal obligation is the legal basis for the processing.

Within PMC Hydraulics Group's activities PMC Hydraulics Group may, in some cases, receive the same categories of personal data as mentioned above from third parties that PMC Hydraulics Group cooperate with and which is entitled to disclose the information to PMC Hydraulics Group.

The PMC Hydraulics Group retains your personal data only for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes for the processing. Personal data is deleted or anonymized when they are no longer are relevant for the purposes they were collected for.

If you have subscribed to PMC Hydraulics Group's newsletter, your contact details will be saved for that purpose only for as long as you choose to receive newsletters. A person that no longer wishes to receive newsletters may contact the PMC Hydraulics Group or can use the unsubscribe function found in every newsletter.

4. Transfer of personal data

Within the course of the PMC Hydraulics Group's activities, and in order to achieve the above-mentioned purposes of processing, the PMC Hydraulics Group may, in accordance with applicable law, share personal data within the PMC Hydraulics Group and with third parties that the PMC Hydraulics Group is cooperating with.

Not all administrative systems and support tools that the PMC Hydraulics Group uses for internal operations are installed locally at the PMC Hydraulics Group's sites in the Nordic countries and managed by the PMC Hydraulics Group's personnel only. In some cases, for example with respect to managing order responses, delivery notes and invoices, the PMC Hydraulics Group uses administrative support tools and systems that require personal data to be stored or in other ways handled by the provider of the tool or system. Further, the PMC Hydraulics Group has offices in the Nordic countries, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, China and India.

Against this background, personal data connected to the PMC Hydraulics Group's activities may be transferred to or stored in countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Such transfer shall be made in accordance with applicable legislation and require that the country in question has an adequate level of data protection or that there are other sufficient safeguards for a lawful transfer, for example the application of standard contractual clauses.

5. Security measures

The PMC Hydraulics Group takes all necessary and reasonable technical and organisational security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorised access, disclosure, alterations or destruction. It means that the PMC Hydraulics Group in its operations applies various physical and technical restrictions as regards access to personal data, for example through technical access control systems, the use of firewalls, protection from harmful code, backup systems and other network security measures, the ability to undertake security measures such as encryption and de-identification of personal data. If the PMC Hydraulics Group employs a third-party partner to support the PMC Hydraulics Group's operations, the PMC Hydraulics Group ensures that the partner applies corresponding technical and organisational security measures and that personal data only is processed according to the PMC Hydraulics Group's instructions and approval.

6. Personal data in relation to social media services

The PMC Hydraulics Group uses network and social media platforms and services and has currently accounts on LinkedIn and YouTube, where we inform about parts of the PMC Hydraulics Group's activities. Please note that information that you choose to disclose through any of the abovementioned social media services and the PMC Hydraulics Group's accounts may become publicly available to other visitors at the webpage and to the public. Further, the mentioned services apply their own terms of use that you need to consider if you choose to use them.

7. Register extract requests and right to rectification etc.

You have the right to receive information regarding the personal data which the PMC Hydraulics Group has registered and is processing, the origin of the personal data that is processed, the purposes of the processing, and the recipients or categories of recipients to whom personal data have been or may be disclosed, and where possible, the envisage period for which the personal data will be stored ("Register Extract"). Upon such request the PMC Hydraulics Group will, moreover, provide information that the PMC Hydraulics Group is obliged to provide under applicable law. A request for a Register Extract must be in writing and signed by you.

Anyone who discovers that personal data registered within the PMC Hydraulics Group is not updated, inaccurate and inadequate or is processed in violation of the above­mentioned purposes or applicable law, may request that the PMC Hydraulics Group corrects, block or delete such registered personal data.

You may also, under certain circumstances, request that certain processing is restricted or request that personal data is provided in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format (data portability).

Anyone who has given consent to certain processing of personal data may at any time withdraw the consent by contacting the PMC Hydraulics Group. Upon withdrawal of the consent, the PMC Hydraulics Group will terminate the processing which was subject to the consent.

Requests referred to under this section should be sent to the PMC Hydraulics Group according to the contact details below.

8. Amendments to the PMC Hydraulics Group's Privacy Policy

The PMC Hydraulics Group Privacy Policy may be amended. If any amendments are made to the PMC Hydraulics Group's Privacy Policy which imply any amendments to the way the PMC Hydraulics Group processes your personal data, the PMC Hydraulics Group may inform you of such amendments in an appropriate manner, for example through a message by e-mail.

9. Contact information

Should you have questions or comments regarding the PMC Hydraulics Group's Privacy Policy, please contact us.

PMC Hydraulics Group AB
Stortorget 17
252 20 Helsingborg

10. Supervision

The supervisory authority in Sweden is the Swedish Data Protection Authority (Sw: Datainspektionen). For further information, please visit