Customized Hydraulic Power Units / Systems


  • High-quality engineering and production with own R&D and testing
  • Best solution for each application
  • Easy-to-install, maintain and operate
  • Short delivery time
  • Good functionality
  • Modular or customized design
  • Suitable also for demanding applications
The design and construction of various types of hydraulic systems is one of our specialties, where we can bring our extensive experience and expertise to bear. Our technicians are highly trained and have many years’ experience of working with our customers to produce optimum solutions for every need.

A large part of our business consists in the design and production of fully customized hydraulic units with associated controls of various kinds. The units are designed using modern 3D technology and assembled by experienced hydraulic fitters at our production facilities. Discover how our Hydraulic Power Units are used in industrial, marine and energy applications.