Creating optimized, customer specific systems is an important part of our business. The development and design of customized systems is performed with "State of the Art" software and very experienced product developers. As your partner, we develop prototypes and serial products using competitive solutions. From standard block to advanced block solutions, using our partners' extensive product range, or valves based on our developed poppets and spools.

Serial production is carried out in our various facilities, depending on annual volumes, complexity and market. The various processes are approved and supported by our established partner companies. Thermal deburring, surface treatment and contaminant free transports are standard parts of the processes. Assembly and testing are carried out in specially adapted rooms.


  • 3D design with advanced technology
  • Great knowledge of applications
  • High quality manufacturing of manifolds
  • Materials steel, cast iron or aluminium
  • Surface treatment according specification
  • Assembly and testing by experienced personnel
  • World leading cartridge valves and other components

Customized manifolds give reduced costs for:

  • Optimized system solution
  • Minimized need for space
  • Better response times and power transmission (reduced pressure drop)
  • Reduced weight    
  • Clean and smart installation
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