Swivel technology

Swivel and manifold solutions for narrow spaces

PMC Hydraulics designs lightweight, small volume swivel and manifold solutions for narrow spaces.  This swivel technology is frequently used in robotic equipment and mobile machines like e.g. excavators, which need to operate the bucket in multiple directions.

PMC Hydraulics has designed seals and optimized flow path inside swivels for many years. Our solutions often combine a swivel and a very compact manifold with spools in body technology.  To create the best possible solution for each unique application, we use several different suppliers of proportional valves and on/off valves. Our poppet technology with proportional control can also be used to achieve high flow demand in very small spaces. To make the design smaller, we use pressure poppet valves for cross-over functions as well as other solutions. Electric cabling with interface for electric swivels can also be used.