Lubrication technology

Design of lubrication system with optimization of flow paths and cyclone Technology. This technology is constantly developed by PMC Hydraulics and it can reduce the size of lubrication systems by more than 50 %. It also creates longer life expectancy on oil and oil additives as well as mechanical parts like gears.

Active separation of air 

In this area PMC Hydraulics is developing new solutions to reduce the size and the need for oil in the system. Cyclone Technology can provide several different ways to clean the air trapped inside the oil. We are also expanding the life of the oil by reducing air content. Separation of air can be retrofitted to operational equipment with the need to expand life of oil and to reduce foam. Air bubbles in lubrication systems for gearboxes can be very small which make them much more difficult to remove. At the same time small bubbles create a high degree of oxidization when the active contact surface between air and oil is very big.  

Nozzle design and other components

PMC Hydraulics is developing several different ranges of lubrication system from normal hydraulic oil to high viscosity oil systems. PMC has long experience in developing systems for marine and industrial applications. Several different solutions for manifolds, pump units and nozzles have been developed and we have long experience of different individual products.