As an environmentally conscious company, we acknowledge the potential environmental impact of our operations. To respect the environmental values, our top management has announced that our environmental management system should be communicated, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels throughout the organization.
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From the list of significant environmental aspects two aspects, energy and CO2-emission, have targets for 2019, 2020 with 2017 as baseline. The other significant aspects are (constantly) evaluated with the goal to mitigate environmental impact.

In addition to that, we also develop solutions that help our customers to reduce energy and C02 emission. The CycloneConcept is an excellent example of our solution that increases the “green energy” in our customer’s application.
We are reducing CO2 emissions by changing to 
green energy and district heating as well as 
replacing standard light sources with LED.
We are reducing marine pollution by replacing copper 
paste that has long lasting harmful effects on 
oceans and aquatic life with non-hazardous ceramic paste.