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Sun Common Cavity Cartridges deliver excellent solutions Sun for your application

tisdag 9 augusti 2022
We are proud to officially announce the launch of the Sun Common (SC) cavity cartridge valves. Joining the broad range of existing Sun Hydraulics cartridge valves, these new SC cavity cartridges are optimized for lower pressure systems.These valves boast a common SAE style cavity, which is compliant to SAE cavity standard ISO 17209:2013. Several great options that will allow you to engineer optimized, interchangeable solutions and enhance the functionality of your demanding applications are available now.Jump to the table below as a quick reference guide for all these offerings by clicking HERE.
4-way, 3-position, solenoid valves, direct-acting, directional spool valve

Creatively designed for high reliability, the DNUC and DNTC are direct-acting, solenoid-operated, 4-way, 3-position spool valves that are spring centered to the neutral position. The DNUC is rated to 3600 psi (250 bar) and features nominal flow ratings up to 7 gpm (28L/min) as well as four spool configurations. This valve can be installed into an SC-10-04 cavity and utilized with the 779 Series coils. Best incorporated in applications such as outrigger controls, scissor lifts, municipal trucks, and aerial work platforms, the DNUC offers incredible compact cartridge solutions. In contrast, the DNTC is compatible with the 769 Series coils and designed to fit into an SC-08-04 cavity. Rated to 3000 psi (210 bar), the nominal flow rating of the DNTC is 3 gpm (11 L/min), making this valve ideal for smaller actuators or pilot circuits. 

4-way, 2-position solenoid-operated, direct acting, balanced spool directional valve

Solenoid-operated and direct acting, the DNUT is a 4-way, 2-position balanced spool directional valve that requires no minimum hydraulic pressure for its optimal functionality. Rated to a maximum operating pressure of 3000 psi (210 bar), the DNUT features an 8 gpm (30 L/min) capacity and caters to an SC-10-04 cavity. This valve is compatible with the 780 Series coils and can be utilized in applications such as tractors, bull dozers, as well as a wide variety of applications requiring pilot control.

3-way, 2-position solenoid-operated, direct acting, balanced spool directional valve

The DMUT and DMUQ are solenoid-operated, 3-way, 2-position balanced spool directional valves. No minimum hydraulic pressure is required for optimal functionality of these cartridges. Both valves can be installed into SC-10-03 cavities, and they are equally compatible with the 780 Series coils. The maximum operating pressure for the DMUT is 3000 psi (210 bar), and the capacity is 7gpm (28L/min). In juxtaposition, the DMUQ maximum operating pressure is rated to 1600 psi (110 bar), and its capacity is 7 gpm (28L/min). Industrial pilot machinery, bull dozers, and tractors are all best suited for the DMUT cartridge, while the DMUQ can functionally support the hydraulic control of pilot nozzle actuators for water spraying trucks or industrial pilot machinery.

2-way, 2- position solenoid-operated, direct acting, balanced spool directional valve

The DLUT is a solenoid-operated, direct-acting, 2-way, 2-position balanced spool directional valve that is offered in an SC-10-02 cavity and a normally closed configuration. This bi-directional valve has a preferred flow path of 2 to 1. No minimum hydraulic pressure is required for the operation of the valve. The DLUT is compatible with the 780 Series coils. The valve offers great functionality and can serve as an optimal solution for sweepers or other industrial hydraulic machines with maximum pressures less than 3000 psi (210 bar).

Single ball, shuttle valve

The Sun common cavity shuttle valve, CSTT, works with the connection of a single ball shuttle which permits the higher of two work ports to the signal or common port. The single ball allows for the decay of the pressure signal when both load ports fall to a lower pressure. The signal is sensed at port 2, and all ports are rated to a maximum operating pressure of 3000 psi (210 bar). Installed in SC-08-03 cavities, this SC shuttle valve is best suited for the necessities of load sense systems and features hardened steel balls and seats for superb wear characteristics and contamination tolerance.

Free-flow, nose-to-side check valve

The CXUT is a free-flow, nose-to-side check valve that functionally provides a 5 drops/minute load holding leakage rating. These 2-port check valves allow free flow from the inlet (port 1) to the outlet (port 2) and block flow in the opposite direction. With a maximum operating pressure of 3600 psi (250 bar), the CXUT also features a nominal flow rating of 16 gpm (60 L/min). This valve can be installed into an SC-10-02 cavity and features a low-profile design for compact cartridge solutions.

Common solutions for your unique applications

Sun Common cavity cartridges are versatile and offer cross compatibility with many valves and manifolds within the industry, making them an excellent choice for an array of applications. As a bonus, the SC cavity cartridges can be effortlessly implemented into your QuickDesign™ solutions! The outlook remains bright for SC cavity cartridges as additional offerings are slated for future release. Standard manifolds are available now, too.Built with the same quality and reliability you’re used to from Sun Hydraulics, these SC cavity valves will put the power to engineer optimized solutions for a broad range of hydraulic applications in the palm of your hands!