Copro-Drive System

We havedeveloped a new breakthrough technology that integrates tractor and machine drive systems into a single "road train" unit.

PMC innovation integrates tractor and machine drive systems

The road train feature copes with difficult terrain The Copro-Drive System controls direction and speed using the tractor's ISO Bus system. It enhances the typical wagon train traction by between 20-25%, thus reducing rolling resistance, in cases when the wheels pull up land in front of them.
The new drive system complements the tractor's pulling force and enables the tractor and its machine or trailer to function as a road train. The road train feature reduces the risk of wheel spin, and thus allows the unit to drive into places otherwise inaccessible to combination vehicles.

Customized and easy-to-operate

The flexible Copro-Drive System can be customized to meet OEM specific production features. The standard system is easily plug and play retrofi tted to almost any conceivable trailer combination or machine, if the tractor is equipped, at a minimum, with ISO Bus generation 1. The system is userfriendly in operation with simple tractor controls, including start/stop, adjustment of torque and four led indicators. 
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