PMC's mission:

To increase our customers’ competitiveness with hydraulic expertise

We increase our customers’ competitiveness by offering them the best in the industry expertise, components and solutions.

We can ensure this by:

  • Maximizing the added value for our customers in shortest possible time
  • Having the flexibility to meet the customer needs in all sizes and terms
  • Leaning the customer’s production with the state-of-the-art technology
  • Offering world-class expertise for hydraulic components and engineered solutions
  • Operating with global footprint and local support

PMC's vision:

Power, Motion and Control for tomorrow’s needs

We will be leading the power, motion and control development in our customer industries worldwide. 

Customers can depend on us to improve their product, process and production performance with the state-of-the art hydraulic components and engineered solutions based on decades of technology experience.