Core Values

PMC has four core values that should drive all employees. They make up PMC’s soul and are the guiding principles of our day-to-day work.


Closer and deeper partnership brings a better understanding of the customer’s problems, creating the possibility of technologically superior and more cost-efficient solutions. Partnership also applies to our suppliers. The most effective solutions can only be achieved once the whole value chain is permeated by a partnership philosophy.


The Group’s operations are based on individual skill and competence and motivated people are a basic prerequisite for the Group to deliver attractive solutions for its customers. This will be achieved by providing a working environment offering scope for development and stimulation where entrepreneurship and drive are fundamental.


Creativity should not be confined to the Group’s technology offering, but our whole structure and business process. Daring to take up challenges and drive proactive change are self-evident.


Responsibility features in all parts of our business and means that every stakeholder should be able to rely on PMC’s people and solutions. Responsibility and quality begin with the individual. Continuous improvement, in our own organization and with suppliers, is an integrated component of our business. It is important for every employee to match agreed specifications and commitments.