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PMC Hydraulics as a Nordic Prime Partner for COT- Clean Oil Technology

Tuesday, May 4, 2021
PMC Hydraulics Group has signed a Supply and Purchasing agreement with COT-Clean Oil Technology AB to sell and service their environmentally friendly oil management product program in the Nordic region as their Prime Partner.

COT-Clean Oil Technology AB (COT) develops and markets new technology for continuous reduction of both free and dissolved water in industrial oils (hydraulic-, lubrication-, and transmission oils) for both stationary and mobile applications. The company’s development and production is located in Ljungby, Sweden. COT is a Swedish public company and listed on “Alternativa Aktiemarknaden” since 2014. Please read more about COT on

For further information please contact:
Peter Kjellren
Sales Engineer & Product Manager, PMC Hydraulics
Telephone: +46243794296