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Introducing HydraForce's Low Leakage Load-Holding Solution with the SF08-28

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Boost the response time of your system, with the newly designed SF08-28 double blocking solenoid valve. Created for low-flow applications, this bidirectional valve offers a compact, low leakage solution for higher pressure hydraulic systems and has many benefits to significantly enhance your machine:

  • Increased response time of over 50%
  • Low leakage 0.25 ml/min (5 drops/min)
  • Smaller and more compact design
  • Optional screen for work port to expand valve versatility
  • Brand new range of manual override options, including T, P and K
  • Operating pressure suitable for higher pressure hydraulics

HydraForce has also launched the redesigned SV08-28, which surpasses the previous model with its improved compact design and increased response time. Suitable for higher flow applications, learn more about both solenoid valves by downloading the bulletin below.