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HPUA & New T-Control Option for Sun Common

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

We are proud to officially announce the launch of Sun Hydraulic’s manual hydraulic hand pump, model code HPUA. This hand pump is designed to fit into the Sun Common SC-10-02 cavity and has a capacity of .442 cubic inches (7,2 cc).


HPUA- Screw-in, cartridge-style manual hydraulic hand pump- 

3000 psi (210 bar)

HPUA Product Launch Marketing Kit _A4 (PDF)


We are equally glad to announce a new T-control kit option for FNUC & DNUC. This momentary, bi-directional manual control is available as a fully configured valve or sold separately as a cartridge control kit. 


FNUC-T**- 3-position, 4-way, Solenoid-operated, Electro-proportional, Directional Valve- 3600 psi (250 bar) – Sun Common 

FNUC Product Launch Marketing Kit_A4 (PDF)


DNUC- T**- Direct-acting, Solenoid-operated, 4-way, 3-position Spool Valve – 3600 psi (250 bar) – Sun Common 

DNUC Product Launch Marketing Kit_A4 (PDF)

991-291Momentary bi-directional Manual Override 


Please review the marketing kits for additional features and benefits.