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With decades of experience in the oil spillage recovery, Lamor is known as a leading operator in its field. Cooperation with PMC Hydraulics dates back to the oil disaster on the Gulf of Mexico. Since that PMC Hydraulics has supplied hydraulic hose and reel systems to Lamor’s recovery systems.
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New power pack with CycloneConcept

Among the latest advances of the cooperation, PMC Hydraulics has designed a power pack based on CycloneConcept to be used for the power transfer of the oil collectors within Lamor’s oil recovery system. The four new cyclone power packs are made in the PMC Hydraulics factory in Poland and delivered to multipurpose vessels. Tailor-made to customer needs, the cyclone power packs enable significant reduction in the use of hydraulic oil.
PMC Hydraulics has developed a patented CycloneConcept that removes air from the hydraulic oil effectively. Due to enhanced de-aeration performance, this solution uses only a fraction of the oil volume compared to conventional hydraulic tank systems.

With the CycloneConcept, the oil consumption of the Lamor power pack decreases from 1500 to 300 liters per tank, which means almost 80% savings in oil filling. The smaller oil amount will save both energy costs and the environment.

The CycloneConcept also allows a much smaller tank to be used for the same task than by conventional methods. The smaller tank size means easy maintenance and smaller and lighter equipment structure resulting in savings in purchase, logistics and installations costs. For instance, the estimated savings in equipment structure are 65%, and in transportation costs 50%.

The world’s top player relies on PMC Hydraulics

Founded in 1982 in Finland, Lamor is among the top oil recovery companies in the world. The company has been involved in the precious oil spillage control work around the world, for instance, in Kuwait, Estonia and the Gulf of Mexico. Its solutions are developed to protect the environment and the ecosystem. “As for the long cooperation with PMC Hydraulics, we have always been able to rely on the PMC Hydraulics expertise – both technology and the people,” says Rune Högström, COO and Head of R&D at Lamor Corporation.
Lamor Corporation is a globally recognized supplier of oil spill and recovery systems with equipment sold in more than 120 countries. Their oil recovery system hydraulics depend on PMC Hydraulics technology.