Terms & Conditions

The PMC Hydraulics online store is an online store for companies maintained by PMC Hydraulics Oy (0108305-5). Individuals cannot use the services of the PMC Hydraulics online store. These terms and conditions (hereinafter the “Terms and Conditions”) apply to the sale of products purchased through PMC Hydraulics' online store between PMC Hydraulics Oy and its customers. We encourage you to read these terms and conditions before placing an order from the online store.


In order to place an order from the PMC Hydraulics online store, the customer must be a customer of PMC Hydraulics Oy. To register as a customer, you need a valid business ID, a valid e-mail address and a delivery address in Finland. The customer must provide all information marked as mandatory upon registration. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided and, if necessary, is obliged to notify PMC Hydraulics Oy of any changes to the information.
Upon registration, a username and password are created for the customer. The customer undertakes not to disclose the IDs to third parties and to keep the IDs secret. The registered customer is responsible for all transactions and orders placed in the PMC Hydraulics online store. If the customer discovers or suspects that his / her IDs have been disclosed or taken over by a third party or that his / her IDs have been misused, the customer must immediately notify PMC Hydraulics Oy. PMC Hydraulics Oy has the right to freeze the customer's IDs without prior notice if it suspects that they are being misused.
Registration is free. To register as an online store customer, visit https://www.pmchydraulics.com/en-us/contact-us. After registration, the customer will be given the IDs in the online store. A registered customer can view their previous orders on their own website and track the progress of the delivery of the latest order.


PMC Hydraulics Oy processes personal data received via the online store and provided by the customer in the manner permitted and required by the data protection regulations in force at the time. Customer information is stored in the customer register maintained by PMC Hydraulics Oy. A privacy statement detailing the processing of personal information is available at https://www.pmchydraulics.com/en-us/privacy-policy.


The products are ordered in the online store by transferring them to the shopping cart and paying for them in accordance with the terms agreed with the customer. All customer information is treated confidentially. The contact information requested in connection with the order will not be used for anything other than the delivery of the order or to clarify any ambiguities in it, unless otherwise stated. When ordering from the online store, you are required to read and agree to the current delivery terms.
PMC Hydraulics Oy is not responsible for the immediate availability of all products presented in the online store. However, PMC Hydraulics Oy strives to ensure that the online store always displays up-to-date information about the products and their availability. PMC Hydraulics Oy reserves the right to change or discontinue any products or services without liability or notice.
When ordering, a binding sales agreement is created when the customer has placed their order in the online store. In the order, the customer undertakes to purchase the products and services specified in the order in accordance with these terms. The customer is advised to check the contents of their order carefully before confirming the order. PMC Hydraulics Oy will send an order confirmation to the customer by e-mail using the contact information provided by the customer. PMC Hydraulics Oy reserves the right not to accept the order. The customer must check that the content of the confirmation corresponds to the order placed by the customer. The customer can also check the content of their order in the online store by logging in to the service.
PMC Hydraulics Oy reserves the right to cancel its order confirmation at any time before the customer has received the ordered products or services, if PMC Hydraulics Oy has a valid and legal reason for the cancellation. If PMC Hydraulics Oy cancels the order after sending the order confirmation and the customer has already paid for the order, PMC Hydraulics Oy will refund the payments corresponding to the cancellation without delay. PMC Hydraulics Oy is not responsible for the customer's order not being received due to a malfunction of the data network or telecommunications connection.


The prices of the PMC Hydraulics online store are in euros (eur). Prices are exclusive of VAT (VAT 0%). In the ordering phase, in addition to VAT (24%), a delivery fee is added to the prices so that the final price of the order is visible to the customer when the customer confirms the order in the online store. The prices of the products do not include delivery costs, but are stated separately in connection with the order and in the order confirmation.
The price of the product is the price displayed at the time of ordering in connection with the product information on the PMC Hydraulics online store page. Prices are valid until further notice or for a specified period. The prices of e-commerce products and deliveries are updated at regular intervals. PMC Hydraulics Oy reserves the right to correct and revise prices due to human or technical errors. If incorrect price information has been provided in the online store and the error is so clear that the customer should have understood the error in question (eg the price is exceptionally low compared to the actual price or general price level), PMC Hydraulics Oy is not obliged to sell the product at the wrong price.


PMC Hydraulics Oy delivers the products it sells to the customer based on a transport contract with a third party. Delivery of orders to addresses in Finland. Shipping costs will be added to the order price.
PMC Hydraulics Oy's contract suppliers deliver orders to the delivery address provided by the customer. Orders will be delivered to the customer's office on weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm. The customer must contribute to the proper delivery of the order, inter alia by providing the correct information and practical instructions for the delivery of the order. If the customer has a weekly delivery agreed, we will aim to deliver the products in the next possible weekly delivery.
The delivery times stated for the products are estimates. If the delivery of the order is delayed from what was announced, PMC Hydraulics Oy will endeavor to notify the customer of the delay using the contact information provided by the customer and to give the customer a new estimate of the delivery time. If PMC Hydraulics Oy has sent the order on time, but there is a disturbance in the delivery of the carrier, eg the delivery of mail is congested, PMC Hydraulics Oy is not responsible for the delay in delivery.
If necessary, the order can be divided into several shipments. If the order is delivered in several batches, PMC Hydraulics Oy will only charge the delivery costs for one delivery batch. PMC Hydraulics Oy reserves the right not to deliver the order if the product or a replacement product is no longer available. The transaction will then be deemed canceled, and PMC Hydraulics Oy will return the payments received to the customer. In such cases, PMC Hydraulics Oy will contact the customer and agree on measures.
PMC Hydraulics Oy is not responsible if the delivery of the order is delayed or the order cannot be delivered due to the customer, such as because the customer has provided incorrect contact information or failed to notify a change in his or her contact information. If the customer does not receive the products at the customer's office at the time of delivery or the delivery otherwise fails due to the customer's reason, the delivery will be returned to PMC Hydraulics Oy. In this case, PMC Hydraulics Oy will keep the products on behalf of the customer for 30 days, during which the customer can pick up the products from PMC Hydraulics Oy by paying all additional delivery, storage and other costs incurred by PMC Hydraulics Oy.


Upon receipt of the delivery, the customer must immediately check that the delivered products are free of defects and that the delivery has included all the ordered products. If the customer finds that there is a defect in the delivered product or that the order is otherwise incorrect, the customer must immediately and no later than within 7 days of receiving the delivery notify PMC Hydraulics online customer service, orders.fi@pmchydraulics.com. However, a customer's complaint does not mean that the product is considered to have a defect, but the defect and the consequences of the defect are determined based on the Finnish Commercial Code (355/1987).


In the PMC Hydraulics online store, products and their delivery costs are paid by invoice in accordance with the terms agreed with the customer.


PMC Hydraulics Oy reserves the right to own the products until it has received all payments for the ordered products in full. In addition, PMC Hydraulics Oy reserves the right, in accordance with applicable law, to suspend or terminate the use of the products, prevent the delivery of the products and take back the products (or instruct a third party to take over the products) if the customer has not made payments.


Products ordered from the PMC Hydraulics online store do not have a general right of exchange or return. However, PMC Hydraulics Oy may, but has no obligation, in individual cases accept the replacement or return of the product. In the event of a problem, the customer must contact the customer service of the PMC Hydraulics online store.
If PMC Hydraulics Oy has approved the replacement or return of the product, the customer must deliver, replace or return the product unused, in its original condition to the address provided by PMC Hydraulics Oy without delay and no later than 14 days after a separate agreement.


PMC Hydraulics Oy is not liable for indirect damages caused to the customer based on the agreement between PMC Hydraulics Oy and the customer or these terms. In the case of direct damage, PMC Hydraulics Oy's liability for damages is limited to the value of the defective product.


PMC Hydraulics Oy will comply with its obligations under the terms and conditions to the extent reasonably required. However, PMC Hydraulics Oy is not liable for any possible product defects, delays or other breaches of contract due to circumstances beyond PMC Hydraulics Oy's control (force majeure). Force majeure measures are considered to be force majeure, staff illnesses, import and export bans and possible disruptions in transport. In the event of a delay, however, PMC Hydraulics Oy strives to serve the customer in the best possible way and to comply with its obligations as soon as possible according to the situation.


PMC Hydraulics Oy reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The amended terms and conditions become binding on the customer when PMC Hydraulics Oy has notified the changed terms and conditions and the customer has used the PMC Hydraulics online store for the first time since then.


These terms come into force on January 1, 2021 and are valid until further notice. These terms and conditions apply to orders placed after entry into force.


Finnish law applies to the PMC Hydraulics online store and these terms and conditions, except for its conflict of law provisions. These terms and conditions are governed by the Commercial Act (355/1987) to the extent that no other terms have been agreed in these terms and conditions. The parties shall endeavor to resolve their differences primarily through negotiations. If no amicable settlement is reached, the disputes will be settled in the Helsinki District Court in Finland. If differences are found in the different language translations of these terms and conditions, the Finnish version shall prevail.


If you have any questions or problems, please contact our customer service either by phone +358 20 690 776 or by e-mail orders.fi@pmchydraulics.com. The customer service is open on weekdays from. 8 am to 4 pm.