CycloneConcept for trucks

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Cyclone tanks for side-mounted installations

PMC Hydraulics has developed a new generation of efficient tanks for trucks. These tanks have a cyclone, which removes air from the hydraulic oil effectively. The cyclone principle allows a much smaller tank to be used for the same task than by conventional methods, thus reducing both weight and space. Saved weight and space can be used for additional load.

Savings with Cyclone tank

When using a 125-liter cyclone tank, a basic truck with crane can save up to 600kg a year in Co2 emissions, compared to a truck with a standard 300-liter hydraulic tank. This is made possible by the reduced weight of the smaller tank, which lowers fuel and hydraulic oil consumption. The smaller cyclone tank also allows for yearly cost savings of up to 600 EUR, when driving 100.000 kmper year.

The smaller tank also means less air and less cold steel surface above the oil level inside the tank. This means less water condensation when the hydraulics is turned off.

See also our CycloneConcept video on YouTube and CycloneConcept for trucks leaflet.

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