Save money

Improve total cost of ownership and reduced cost for maintenance & operation

Save the planet

Choose an environmentally friendly system and improve sustainability

Save time

Easy installation and increased lifetime of the oil and system components



  • Reduces the water content in the oil to lower level than traditional systems

  • Increases lifetime of system components

  • Low energy consumption

  • Easy to install in small places

  • Maintenance free

  • No disposal of waste products

  • Suitable for almost any application

Clean Oil Technology (COT) reduces effectively free and dissolved water from the oil with its unique technology – to PPM-levels well below 200 PPM and sometimes below 100 PPM. It keeps the water content at a constant very low level. A particle filter with water absorbing capability can also be included in the scope of supply in case of momentarily high water content. COT doesn’t require any maintenance or service as in changing a water absorption filter. Also, no disposal of waste products.

Read also our Clean Oil Technology leaflet