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PMC Hydraulics in India: A factory extension will enhance both capacity and quality

fredag den 7. februar 2020
PMC Hydraulics is extending its current facilities in India to improve both production capacity and quality. When finished the extension will increase the factory floor space to a total of 1650 square meters.

To better meet the market needs both in India and globally, PMC Hydraulics has extended its production facilities to cover altogether 1650 square meters in February 2020 when the extension will be taken into use. The purpose of the investment is to provide more production capacity through new and enhanced storage, assembly and testing facilities.

The extension includes, for instance, a new component store which provides 50% more storage area, also introducing a pallet storage system for easy material flow and identification. A 50 % larger machine shop enables adding more machines into the production line, thus increasing the overall production capacity up to 25 %. Larger assembly and testing areas allow for customer dedicated assembly and testing of manifolds. In addition to that, the air-conditioned and dust-proof factory environment will enhance the air quality standards that fulfill the customers’ strict quality expectations, as well as the demands for a clean working environment.

Finally, with its modern and functional layout, the new factory extension will ensure a safer and more comfortable working environment for people, as well as for improved efficiency and productivity.

For more information, please contact info.in@pmchydraulics.com