Sun Hydraulics introduces 16 New FLeX Series Solenoid-Operated Directional Valves

New 3- and 4-way solenoid-operated directional valves in the FLeX product family provide robust electro-hydraulic control for mobile and industrial applications. When paired with Sun’s portfolio of pressure and flow-control valves, these new directionals can help you manage a complete range of functions such as direction, position and power in your most demanding applications. 
With these new additions to the FLeX family, you can now create complete FLeX solutions for 3000- or 5000-psi (210- or 350-bar) applications that give you 10-million-cycle reliability, 1000-hour salt fog protection and industry-leading performance in a market-priced solution.  You’ll feel the difference with FLeX.

The FLeX Advantage

Sun applied 50 years of valve design experience to the FLeX Series concept. They studied the future of fluid power, benchmarked the competition on performance and price and applied what they learned to develop the next-generation FLeX solenoid-operated valves.  And these performance-driven, market-priced valves can ship within four weeks of ordering.
With the addition of these new directional valves, Sun now offers 28 FLeX Series directional valves, nine proportional valves and four relief valves.  That's a total of 41 solenoid-operated valves that deliver the FLeX Advantage. Like the other FLeX valves, these new directional valves offer key advantages:
• High reliability - designed and tested to 10-million operational cycles at full rated pressure. 
• Zinc-nickel plating standard for 1000-hour salt fog protection
• Interchangeable coil options include the 740 Series high-power coils for 5000-psi/350-bar valves and low-power coils for 3000-psi/210-bar valves.  All FLeX valves can use the 747 Series hazardous location coils.