Uudenkaupungin Työvene - Ferry hydraulics as a full line delivery

PMC Hydraulics was responsible for the hydraulics when Uudenkaupungin Työvene delivered two ferries to Trafikverket in Sweden, the m/s Saturnus and the m/s Braheborg. The full line delivery of PMC included the design, hydraulic power units, control valve groups and software with operating devices, cylinders, auxiliary valves and commissioning. The 100-metre-long Saturnus is the largest car ferry ever to operate in Sweden.

  • m/s Braheborg

A master of smooth commissioning

"Particularly in the medium-sized sector, modern shipyards largely work as project houses," says the Project Manager of Uudenkaupungin Työvene, Janne Kosomaa.

"As the main supplier, we offer the facilities for the project realisation and choose the best partners to join us. We trust the technical knowhow of the partner not only in the design, but also in installation and deployment. We expect our partner to take care of the entire package from beginning to end, and that's just what PMC Hydraulics does."

Kosomaa is particularly satisfied with PMC's knowhow and flexibility in the commissioning phase.

"Surprises often come during commissioning; the automation needs to be adjusted and needs for change are noticed. PMC Hydraulics has dealt with these situations really flexibly and efficiently."

Anticipating helps in tackling surprises

Ville Paananen, in charge of this project at PMC, alsoconsiders his team's ability to adapt to changing situation a great strength.

"When we start designing from scratch, the project lives and surprises come up despite good planning. But when we're actively involved in the project all the time, we can react quickly and flexibly."

According to Paananen, previous project experience is essential: "When you identify the project stages where the needs for changes or problems may arise in advance, you can anticipate them and ask the right questions already in beforehand."

The project for hydraulics on two vessels at the same time was made an opportunity at PMC. The software programs of the valves were designed so that the same template can be used in future projects. In the long run, the solution will result in savings for the customer.

Solid Nordic knowhow

For Uudenkaupungin Työvene, the strong position of PMC in the Nordic countries brings practical benefits. The main market areas of Uudenkaupungin Työvene are the Nordic countries and the countries around the Baltic Sea.

"We assume responsibility for the vessel until the end of the warranty period, but the ferry is in use for 20-30 years and the owner needs maintenance services throughout the whole life cycle. It's important to us that we can point out reliable partners to our customer, also when our own cooperation has ended."