Valve blocks

One of our special areas of expertise is the design, manufacture and assembly of customer-specific valve blocks. Here we can very much demonstrate the benefit of bringing long experience and accumulated expertise to bear on the applications of our customers.


When we design a valve block, we use advanced 3D technology. This ensures the valve block is properly dimensioned and the required functionality is achieved.


We manufacture our valve blocks in close cooperation with leading suppliers in the field. Supplier instructions and our acceptance inspections ensure the valve blocks meet
our specifications.

Materials and surface treatment

The valve blocks are made from top grade steel or aluminium.
Aluminium blocks are surface treated using hard anodising in the desired colour, whereas steel blocks are surface treated with zinc, sealed with a layer of CR3 chrome.

Assembly and testing

The valve blocks are assembled by experienced hydraulic fitters and tested on test stands before being packed and delivered.The test results are documented, and each valve block is marked with a unique serial number.

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