Marine & Offshore

PMC Hydraulics Group delivers hydraulic solutions for marine and offshore applications.

  • PMC - All-in solutions for oil rigs

  • PMC - Hydraulic solutions for operation of ships' derricks

  • PMC - Hydraulic solutions for water-jet propulsion of boats

PMC has long-term experience of hydraulic solutions that satisfy the very stringent standards applying in this customer area. High humidity, salt water and underwater activity put big strains on the equipment used on vessels and offshore installations. Broadbased competence and application know-how are an important competitive advantage, as increasingly, customers are demanding complete solutions.

PMC offers hydraulic solutions for ships and port facilities.

PMC's customers include several world-leading OEMs in the vessel and offshore industries such as Rolls-Royce Marine, a supplier of vessel equipment. Framo Engineering, Cargotec/MacGregor and TTS Marine, all major suppliers of various types of equipment for vessels and offshore platforms, are also customers. Maersk is a customer in global service on ships and offshore related operations.